Textile land

Every inch of fabric you use is the result of the efforts of several hundred people. This work is about the textile industry that I choose to study by the case of Ivanovo region as a research point.

Ivanovo is an unusual phenomenon for industrial design in Russia. There was nowhere else such concentration of textile factories and manufactories. About 25% of all fabrics produced in Russia were produced here. The life of about 1/6 of the population of Ivanovo region is connected with the activities of light industry enterprises.

The creation of Ivanovo textile is a complex and contradictory phenomenon. It is undergoing a significant transformation due to the presence of imported products from China, Pakistan, Turkey and other third world countries on the market. The production price of this fabrics is lower and therefore competitiveness is higher.

I found it interesting that for several generations a large social group occupied one territory and was mono-oriented. Assuming that these circumstances should significantly change people, I set the goal of my research to find such changes and to study the impact of the prevailing conditions on a person. I find connections and points of interpenetration by comparing object and subject in one frame. Now the person becomes a part of the fabric, and the fabric acquires persons features