The town of Nickel was founded in 1935. It used to be called Kolosjoki: Finnish geologists who studied nickel ores used to live and work here. Now this place is only deserted streets, boarded up buildings and acrid smell of sulfur everywhere. There are 143 houses, where 11 thousand people lives. The main employer is Pechenganikel Mining and Metallurgical Plant. There are 2200 workers here. Lifespan of the plant employees is 10 years less than average lifespan in Russia. Due to the constant population outflow the real estate prices are falling steadily. The average price of one square meter is three thousand rubles. Nickel, like many single-industry towns, has problems in developing cultural life. The arrival of any artist is the big deal. In order to make up the lack of entertainment, the plant is sponsoring the Second School Center. The main task of it is to keep young people in the settlement.